Healthy Baby

If you're an expecting mom you need to start with the basics bed and vaccines.
Do you know the Dr's will try to give you brand new baby a vaccinew within hours of birth. The vaccines is for Hp A a sextually transmited diseas. If you don't have it the child wont and there is no need to get it that day.

Here are two first things to look into while the waiting for the baby to arrive.

An organic mattress.  The thought is there are chemicals in regular mattresses because many are part plastic. Those chemicals might be the cause of SIDS.  Since no one knows I got the mattress.
Here is just one I found online. I know Baby R Us has them now.

My Natural MD who I took Noah to when  he was seriously sick last year, suggested I read this book about vaccines please read it,  I knew nothing about Vaccines when Noah was a baby and I think that was the trigger to his years of illness.  "The Vaccine Book" by Dr. Sears

When your baby is ready for formula and food: I have been working hard with the older kids to keep them healthy, but on the side I have been noticing it is just as hard to keep gluten out of Gabrielle's diet.
After looking back at Noah's life he started to get sick at 4 months old when I introduced whole grain organic cereal into his diet.

First of course keep breastfeeding as long as you can. I lasted 8 months and was so disappointed with myself.

But I did find Baby's Only Organic Formula. They uses free range grass fed cows to get their milk. They also only use rice syrup as a sweetener so it has the least amount of gluten in it of any formula I could find. Their web site is
The formula is labeled toddler, but it is good for infants if you do supplement for any reason.
Another idea to keep milk out of their dies is just to start almond milk and add DHA and EPA to make sure you get all the nutrients your baby needs.

What about baby food if you don't know about Gluten Sensitivity in your family?

You know the statistics are 1 in 133 people have gluten sensitivity and if you have someone in your family with Celiac that number is 1 in 100. So it is safe to say that baby food should be looked at when it comes to gluten.
Most childhood problems are accruing with no Known Medical reason.
The list starts with Autism and goes to ADD, ADHD, Asthma, Allergies and even childhood cancer.
Wheat, Corn and Rice are all highly processes, have pesticides (unless organic) and can be Genetically Modified.
Even Organic processed baby food can be contaminated because food does not have to be 100% organic to have that label.

So what did I start with when it came to food?
I started Gabrielle off with spinach. The reason being is that I never hear anyone being allergic to spinach, and "spinach has more nutrients then any other food."

Then I moved on to peas.
Then organic potatoes
Then organic apples
organic Blue Berries
Only Water and  no juice.

I would use organic baby food of single items like the spinach and peas. I also tried to make them myself.
You can buy frozen organic veggies and fruit. Cook them as listed then puree them in the food processor.

For little snacks I gave her organic rice puffs, but stopped just because my kids were all grain free I figured why not her too. I give her the same almond meal based cookies and muffins the older kids eat.

The result for me is the Healthiest Child I have. Only 3 colds in 2 1/2 years. Not 1 fever, sleeps through the night since 5 months, and is not really crabby at all.

Is she gluten sensitive? I don't know, but what I do know is she is healthy and happy and ready to go!

Today Gabrielle is 5 years old.  We have never had her tested for allergies or Celiac, but we know she can't tolerate any grains.  She does have sensitivity to gluten and sugars, which we can see when she has these items at others houses. I am happy to know she is as healthy as she can be, and will never have the problems her siblings did.