Sunday, January 5, 2014

Today it's been more then 5 years since the kids and I went grain free.  I want to encourage you to read my blog, and as many Grain Free Books as you can to get to know this life style.  By sticking with a grain free diet, I have dramatically improved my three children's lives. They are healthy, happy, and knowledgeable about how food effects their bodies and brains.  I laugh when my 5 year old say "mom that's not gluten free, so I am not going to eat it." Your kids are what you teach them and mine have learned that they are in control of their health and emotions.  They know when things don't go their way they are in charge of changing it.  I too have taken charge of my own health and feel great after battling Lyme's Disease for 3 years and it is now in remission.
Some very important books in our growth to health are "Gut and Psychology Syndrome" "The Healing Code" "Wheat Belly" and "Grain Brain."
And of course my cookbook, Amazingly Tasty Grain Free

At first every meal might be a battle, but make a system, write down meals you love, and cook them with loved ones.  It's so fun to be healthy and energized every day.

I know you can do it, so get to it!

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