Thursday, December 30, 2010

Your Immune System

You know by now I am not a Doctor nor do I play one one TV. But I have done a lot of research over the past year into why Noah and Anastasia are just not getting better. In fact they have gotten worse.

The main problem is that no standard Doctor wanted to take us seriously that my children's whole being was being disrupted by food. There are no test for food sensitivities and the allergy test given by standard Dr's only relate to IgE reactions. These standard test are only showing immediate immune reposes to allergens.

I found a Naturalistic MD who is working with Delayed Immune Responses. Guess what? There is a test for this, and it has been around for 20 year. Learn more at ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies. I was ecstatic after 3 years to find someone who works with the whole immune system. This test show how every cell responds to outside forces causing you to have all sorts of problems like lethargy, dark eyes, pale skin, foggy brain ect.

My problem still is no one took me seriously 3 years ago. So I want to tell you what I have learned.

Your immune system is very important to your whole body. It is working even when you are not sick so you need to take care of it. If you have a food sensitivity or you suspect you have a food sensitivity you need to immediately start to strengthen your immune system though diet vitamins and herbs. Talk to your naturalist MD on what vitamins and herbs you need. Also have your vitamin D level tested with a simple blood test.
Tops on your Dr's list should be multivitamins, vitamin C,D,echinacea and Fish oil. I have heard also to be careful of echinacea if you already have an autoimmune illness so always check with the professional your working with. Zinc supplementation is a much better option to support immune function for those of us who already have autoimmune disease.

The food sensitivity is weakening your immune system and is causing it to work over time. I feel the food sensitivity is the first step in an on coming problem. If you don't build up your immune system then your body starts to believe it is under attack and will start attacking normal incoming foods and environmental conditions. That is the stage Noah and Anastasia are on because no on told me to strengthen their immune system three years ago.
I am hopeful that because I took out their food sensitivities (all grains) and am now working with their immune system I can help to heal them from the inside out.

But without healing the whole system you are bound to go onto stage three, which is an autoimmune disease and even cancer.

This is a long process, but I am hopeful that next year this time the kids will be back to their happy selves

every day not just once in a while.