Thursday, May 20, 2010


After taken grains out of Noah's diet to help improve his health, I thought of years of small problems that were signs of the illness. I do call Noah's symptoms an illness because he does not have Celiac disease and no allergies. The definition of an illness is "impairment of normal physiological function affecting part or all of an organism".

I realized after lots of online reading there are many different symptoms to this illness. Some people have only stomach issues, some people have energy or emotional issues, some like Noah have a total breakdown of normal functioning.

I would start out at 4 months old. This was the month I started feeding him cereal because he would not sleep through the night. My baby boy, who was only about 10 lbs, got RSV. An illness affecting infants lungs. The Dr put him on Albuterol. For 7 years every time he got sick he would have trouble breathing to the point that we would feel it necessary to go to the hospitable. Every time he got sick the Dr's would give him Albuterol and say it was because he had RSV. I notices after a few months of being Gluten Free that he did not get this terrible illness again and has not been to the Dr's for over 3 years.

- At age 2 he had very pale skin and dark circles under his eyes.
The Dr's suspected that he had low iron. Around 5 years old they tested
Noah's iron level and that was not the problem.
The dark circles never went away until he was totally grain free.

- He was underweight from birth even falling below the 10% leavel on the
growth chart and wore size 5T until he was 8 yrs old.

- He would occasionally got an upset stomach in the morning after having
his breakfast, but by midday it was gone.

- Very runny stool, but otherwise he was not sick.
- Headaches that would accrue after eating breakfast and then would go away.

- At age 6 he was to tired to get up to go to school, even though he went to
bed at 7pm.

- He would talk about hating school and not wanting to go.
- He would say the work was to hard. (he had testing and has a very high IQ)
- He would sit next to me, but not hear my commands.
- He no longer would sit and listen to a book. (he used to sit for hours)
- He could not sit for 2 minutes without bouncing up.
- He would jump up kick box the air and then sit down as if nothing happened.
- He started to chew on his fingers and clothes. (he never sucked his thumb)
- He would cry uncontrollably when someone would touch his toys.
- He felt the world was against him.
- He would keep going until a project or game was all done or else get
very upset.

- There was no reasoning with him.
- In class he could not read a story, which his teacher saw him read the
day before.

- In class his teacher had a task he did many times before, but because he
had wheat that day Noah could not comprehend what she said to do and just
sat there staring into space.

- He was getting into trouble in school for acting out.
- He would lie to his father about things I had said were ok to do.
- Clothes would itch him, and he would insist on taking them off.
The itching only happens when he has Gluten. He has to take the clothes
off or he won’t stop obsessing about it.

- He gets very cold.

2013 This is an positive update for those of you who just don't know if they should put their child on a grian  free diet.  Noah is now 12 and he has been on a gluten free, grain free, sugar free diet for 4 years. The first improvement we saw was that within 3 months of changing his diet he was able to read Harry Potter on his own. Previously he could not read one page without help.  Noah's is no longer depressed, angry, or unhappy.  Everything I ever wanted for him has improved.  Yes it's a struggle to keep him from eating junk, but now he is old enough to feel when a food has hurt him and he chooses not to eat these items.  When he was young I would yell at him and say "see that food item made you tired, sad, and sick." NOW he tells me he did not eat something so he will keep healthy.  It was hard work, but It was worth every minute of it to see my son's success! 

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