Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shopping guide

Let's shop the right way without distractions.

Foods that I have found that do not bother Noah.

1. Low pasteurized 145 degrees, non homogenized grass feed Milk

2. Cheese Raw Or grass feed local cheese

3. Sargento Cheese

4. Haagen-dazs ice cream (only if you can't make your own)

5. Organic Chicken (Perdue seems ok, but local farm is best)

6. Organic grass feed Beef is best (ask around for a local farmer)

7. Fish - Salmon, Cod, shrimp, scallops

8. Potatoes and sweet potatoes

9. Kettle(Brand name) Potato Chips lightly salted

10. Organic fruit leathers & fruit sticks

11. All sorts of Squash

12. Tropical Source Semi-Sweet chocolate chips Dairy and Gluten free

13. Capri Sunrise

14. Bob's Red Mill Almond meal flour (you can make it at home)

15.Lets Do Organic(brand name) Coconut flour flakes

16. Bob's Red Mill Tapioca flour

17. Light Agave Nectar, Raw Honey

18. Applegate Farms packaged deli meats and hot dogs

19. Planters mixed nuts and cashews.

20. All fruit & vegetables

21. Organic Frontier(brand name) spices

22. Organic free range eggs (local is best)

23. Organic bacon (no preservatives)

24. Organic or simply made tomato sauce.

25. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

26. Grapeseed Oil

27. Florida Crystals Organic Sugar

28. Organic or Greek yogurt (read the labels for corn)

30. Santa Cruz organic Soda www.santacruzorganic.com

31. Organic Guar Gum

I shop at a store called MOM's in Bowie, MD and all the above items can be found there, But some of the items can be found at BJ's like the yogurt and cheese.
Also I know you can find all the items online or at Whole Foods

If you can't find these things at your local store talk to the manager.

The key is to stay away from anything that is packaged in the store like deli meats or bulk items.
I also stay away from products and companies that produce other wheat or grain products like Kraft.


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  2. How about potatoes? Does the starch in them (or in their products-ie chips) have any ill effects? I'm just beginning a GF diet and must admit it's more difficult then I thought.

  3. I hope I can help with your journey. Potatoes are a great food to eat. We do eat a lot of potatoes. The also have nutrients you don't think of. Check out the nutrient list.
    The problem will come with packaged potatoes. I have found the only brand of chips I trust not to be contaminated are the KETTLE brand.
    There is a lot of cross contamination in the market so after a year and a half of food shopping I stay to the list I have published here.