Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Bullet and Beyond

How many Christmas gifts do we get and wonder why? Well, my mom bought us a Magic Bullet this year and I wondered why. At the time I did not do a lot of cooking and put it up on my shelf to sit.
Then my husband Todd decided to make drinks with it. Wow, that was easy. We moved onto milk shakes and then smoothies. Boy, were they good.
My advice is to get one of these silly little things. It is quick, easy and fun to use.
Noah has to have food in the afternoon, but sometimes he really does not want to eat, so I use the bullet to make him a fruit smoothie. All fresh fruit and coconut milk no added sugar. When he is really hungry he drinks 16 oz at a time.
You can use frozen fruit or fresh and it only takes a few minutes to whip it all together.
Another added bonus is that you can make sauces, salsa, and baby food. I have done it all and they have been grain free which makes me feel great!

We used that Magic Bullet till it died.  But today, I have a high tech BlendTec and use it every day.  It is important in grain free cooking to make food preparation easy.  With the BlendTec I can turn almonds into almond meal in about 2 seconds.  Using my cookbook Grain Free Cooking, you can bake muffins and cookies with almond meal and it takes no time at all. 

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